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About Social Firm

At Social Firm, we strive to unlock the unlimited potential your brand didn’t know it had.

Located just east of Downtown Columbus, Ohio, Social Firm was founded in 2010 with a feverish desire to blend technology and creativity to empower small and large companies alike to thrive online, engage with their customers and deliver long-lasting success.

Social Firm Launches Brands

We Launch Brands


From new brands to re-brands, Social Firm can execute everything from Messaging and Logo Design to Website Design and Development to Digital Marketing Campaigns. We’re ready for lift off.

Social Firm Creates Experiences

We Create Experiences


We want your customers to have the best connection with your company, products and services. Through our exercises and expertise, we’ll create a strategic and logical digital experience.

Social Firm Grows Business

We Grow Businesses


Through analytics and benchmarks, we can discover and clarify business goals, objectives, and potential obstacles. Over the course of our partnership, we will cultivate your brand for success.

We’re a small group of motivated go-getters determined to create awesome, uplifting brands.

We came together with one goal in mind: to help people like you find success by reaching your full potential online. We are passionate about creating clear, concise messaging that help our clients communicate easily with their customers.

There’s nothing better than empowering Social Firm clients to succeed. Long lasting partnerships, collaboration, and whiskey on the rocks keep us moving forward.

Kyle Washburn

Digital Strategist


I’ve spent the past 6+ years of my career focusing on how I can achieve one simple goal… Connect businesses with the customers that are already looking for them. Throughout that pursuit I have developed a true passion for everything strategy. I make it my personal mission to squeeze every bit of performance out of every project I work on and I pride myself of outside-the-box thinking in order to clarify the confusing chatter associated with typical marketing efforts.

I’m devoted to professional development and always learning the new ways to keep our clients on top.

Outside of the office: 
I’m newly married and have 2 awesome dogs. I live for everything outdoors, I love camping and fishing in the summer along with hunting in the fall and winter months.

Jason Willis, Creative Director Social Firm
Sheena Erney, Accounting Social Firm

Sheena Erney

Administrative Assistant


I spent over 10 years in corporate banking and quit the corporate life to be a stay-at-home mom before my second child turned one. I love taking my three little ones on adventures, but I missed the hustle and bustle of work life. I now work for the Social Firm doing accounting, invoicing, billing and anything else Matt and Jason may need on any given day. It’s exciting to work for a small business where we can so easily stay up to date and develop our processes as business needs change. Best of all, I get to work with my husband!

What are my passions outside of work?
I enjoy golf, reading, traveling and playing cards. Our children are 4, 2, and almost 1. Watching them learn and grow is one of the greatest joys of my life.

Brandon Jones

Lead Designer


I’m a 100% self-taught website and graphic designer with more than 20 years of hands-on experience. I’ve had the pleasure of watching the internet grow into what it is today, and have a never-ending passion for making it a better place, one website at a time. The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that what I can produce from a blank canvas has the potential to take my clients’ business to the next level. Their success means the world to me.

I have a beautiful wife, Britney, and together we have three amazing young children named Benjamin, Beckham and Brynlee. We have a big, lovable, slobbery mess of an American Bully pup named Sarge. I enjoy grilling out, competitive bowling, and being a Dad. Oh, and Buckeye Football is life.

Fun Fact:
You cannot hum while holding your nose. Go ahead, try.

Matt Erney, Strategy Director Social Firm
Jason Willis, Creative Director Social Firm

Jason Willis

Creative Director


Like many in the design world, I started out as a freelance graphic designer and based my business out of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Being Columbus born and raised, I’m very passionate about my community. Most of my professional career has been on the sales and marketing side of business, and I’ve worked with, and for several large corporations. However my greatest joy is aiding and sharing in the success of locally owned companies and organizations.

Designers can wear a lot of hats sometimes. As a designer, I’ve had to change and evolve as the business world around me changes and evolves. Keeping up with current design trends is so important in my space to ensure our clients digital presence always looks fresh and up-to-date.

What are my passions outside of work? 
When I’m not tailgating at an OSU game or playing tennis, I love traveling around the world and creating new experiences with my best girl Kelly and my sweet dog Charlie. I like visiting all the new restaurants popping up around town and seeing which one can make the best Old Fashioned.

Matt Erney

Strategy Director


As an entrepreneur, I’ve come to understand the many challenges of running my own business, and it’s hard to do it all by yourself. Being good at what you do just isn’t enough to survive in today’s fast paced world. You need to be an entrepreneur, a manager and a technician in equal proportions. After starting Social Firm in 2010, I learned that having a healthy business online requires an equal balance of messaging, design and marketing. My vision is to help businesses compete in the marketplace by simplifying, clarifying and then amplifying their mission. As such, our agency strives to help small and medium businesses realize their dreams and organize their digital to-do’s to get there.

My role is to lead the team behind the strategic plan for your business to succeed online. I believe that to achieve greatness, one must be intentional and move quickly with focus beyond one’s self. I love Columbus and am energized by helping business owners make their dreams come true through transformative digital marketing.

Did You Know? 
My amazing wife Sheena is the glue of our family. Together, we have 3 young children and our dog Bear. I enjoy playing golf, bowling and competitive softball.

Matt Erney, Strategy Director Social Firm

We hired Social Firm to get our social networking off the ground and get more traffic to our site via search engines, and the results have far exceeded our expectations. His creative approach to online marketing has resulted in the most important way possible — more business. Our calls have more than doubled since this time last year, and we are consistently in the top rankings on Google.

If you are looking for more online traffic or simply want to learn how to capitalize on social networking to grow your business, I strongly recommend making Social Firm your first call.

TORIN SCOTT | Senior Marketing Producer at NBC4

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