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by | Nov 13, 2014 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

You may remember my last post on storytelling, but I just can’t talk enough about the topic and the power of social media culture. As part of a four-person social media team hustling to get people talking about brands, I am constantly working to grow brands online while empowering the team as the social drivers of the brands. Why am I telling you this? There is more to a job than “working for the weekend.” I’ve learned that no matter the skill level, it’s the happy employees who do good work. As leaders in companies, we need to work every day to empower and build brand ambassadors from within, and that enthusiasm will spread. Because at the end of the day, people trust brands more because of the social experience they’ve had. Here are ways you can invest in your people to be brand ambassadors.


What are we trying to accomplish with social media for our brand and the brands we represent? Our social team carves out time every week to build on strategy or discuss impediments to work through as a team. Our goal is to create an open dialogue to discuss our experiences with projects and how to use that experience creatively to achieve goals for brands.


The goal of a brand advocate is someone who enjoys your product or service so much that they can’t wait to tell people about it. Who else knows more about the brand than the people within the company? Social Firm makes it easy to share our experiences and expertise on social media (HELLO, have you seen our Instagram? Spoiler: we are not gluttons). The Social Firm blog is one of our biggest strengths to foster our unique voices and share what our team does to teach and inspire others. (Hint: this blog!)


With everyone wearing so many hats at work, it is easy to get caught up with your workload and tune out other projects you’re not involved in. It’s super important to show employees that they are appreciated. Celebrate wins at work with impromptu outings, flexible time, free swag, and team-wide recognition. The social team is the first customer service touch point and a trusted source for The Social Firm’s clients, so it is essential to support risks, express gratitude, and always find new ways to keep the team engaged and interested (with the help of our awesome clients, ‘course).

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