How to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job: Part 2

​Ok, so we’ve gone through the stressfulness that is college graduation, and we’ve perfected your resume — now it’s time to nail your interview and become employed! Interviews can be nerve wracking, but they’re not so bad if you prepare correctly. It’s time to show the hiring manager why you are qualified on and off of paper. You’ve got this....

How to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job: Part 1

​Now that we’ve expressed how stressful graduating from college can be (see The Intern’s Guide to Handling College Graduation), it’s time for us to help you land your dream (digital marketing) job. You’re going to kill it out there in the real world. Let’s start with your resume. Resumes can be the trickiest part in landing your first...

The Intern’s Guide to Handling College Graduation

Feel like you’re going to fall off a cliff after graduation? As a current graduating senior, you’ve likely felt that way and worry about what’s next. You’ve always had a plan: finish high school, go off to college, study hard, get an internship… graduate from college. Then what? Land your first job? Become a functional adult? Saying goodbye to...

Keep Your Resume in Tip-Top Shape

There are two types of people in the world: those who like updating resumes (some might even say they enjoy it) and those who despise it. Regardless of this reality, maintaining an updated resume is something that all working professionals need to do whether they like it or not. After all, you never know when you’re going to need a current...

Keep Your Resume in Tip-Top Shape

Personality Types in the Workplace

Social Firm recently had a team building session to understand our personality types in the office. What we found was that we are made up of very unique individuals whose qualities overlap, complement and occasionally, challenge one another. Most jobs require you to work with others in some capacity, and this exercise was helpful in...

Personality Types in the Workplace

5 Reasons Why College Freshmen Make Great Interns

When I applied for the social media internship position at The Social Firm, I was a freshman in college. Academically, I was a sophomore, but in reality, I was very, very much a freshman. No matter how many credit hours I had collected during my first year of college, there was no way around being that nervous, unsure, but hopeful college...

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