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by | Feb 13, 2015 | Marketing Strategy, Social Firm

Presenting to an industry exploring digital marketing, it is always fascinating to discover where the audience is with social media. One of the many things I’ve learned from presenting social media is to address best practices, tools, drive people’s curiosity, and to provide them steps to take so they can walk away with a plan of action.

Here are 4 simple steps to get you started… This guide will concentrate on Facebook.

Step 1: Choose Your Social Media Network

Where do your potential customers and audience hang out? Are they a business? Try Twitter. Do you have a consumable product reaching the masses? Try Facebook. Do you have visually appealing products? Try Instagram.

See Step by Step instructions to create a Facebook Page.

Step 2: Create a Social Media Bio

Begin to build your story by addressing these points: And provide the following information:

  • Location
  • Description of Products and Services
  • Company Founding date
  • Company Release date (if applicable)
  • Add contact information
  • Add images (Cover Profile and Profile Photo)

Step 3: Start a Content Plan

Content Breakdown:

  • 50% of your content will drive traffic to your website (Promote Your Business)
  • 20% of your content will be curated (Content you share from another source: stories from people in industry, partners, like-minded businesses)
  • 20% of your content will drive conversation, foster customer service, and build community (Professional interactions)
  • 10% of your content will be culture (People in the work environment, inspirational)

Step 4: Evaluate Your Plan

Insights tell you:

  • Best Days To Post (ex. Days that have the highest graph number is the best time to post based on reach – when the most people have the potential to see your post)
  • Best Times To Post (ex. Content shared insights – above image – provides times of day of past posts and their reach)
  • Content Types That Have High Interaction (Use this information to make future content decisions based on popular content)
  • Content Types That Have High Reach (Use this information to make future content decisions based on content that reaches the most people)

Facebook offers many tools to help you share your business and build your audience. By taking the first step to create a Facebook page, you are already off to a great start in your digital marketing efforts. Never stop exploring what is the right social media network for your business. Also, please stay tuned for more blogs on getting started with other social networks.

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