How To Promote Yourself Digitally

by | Sep 10, 2017 | Digital Marketing, Social Media

You have social media profiles but want to increase your amount of reach by enhancing your personal brand. So how do you go about that?


If you expect to gain any kind of following at all, you have to give the people what they want! This means posting frequently depending on the channel. For Instagram, try to post every day updating your followers about things around the office, events attended, or things going on in your city.

Tweets don’t have a long shelf-life, so tweet multiple times throughout the day. Posting on Facebook depends on your audience, it can be every day or twice a week!

The important thing is to gauge your feedback (likes, comments, etc.) and post according to that. It is usually okay to update or post on LinkedIn, Google Plus, or any other social pages at least once a week. Respond to professionals in your area and be human. Think about what would make you stop scrolling through your timeline. Try to take and edit high quality, clean-looking pictures. Tweet things with interesting and gripping copy (not just links!)


The best way to build a following is to start from home.

Start following popular local accounts and comment on their posts! But remember to be natural. You are not a machine! You are a person who wants to make personal connections.

However hard it may be to resist, don’t give in to trends such as “Follow for Follow” or “Like for Like.” If you feel you must comment something along those lines, comment on a popular account explaining the kind of things you post. (Follow me for all of your baking and cooking inspiration.)


Spend some time researching and finding out what popular hashtags to use. For example, in Columbus, you can use #ColumBUZZ, #AsSeenInColumbus, #614, etc.

But make sure to have some sort of strategy as to who you want to see those posts! This means: don’t post a picture with a caption followed by #dogs #cats #pretty #fun #ohio #wedding #smile #talk #flowers #beautifulpicture.

Feel free to run a social media campaign and give it a hashtag. This will increase the amount of User Generated Content (UGC) your audience creates. This makes the followers feel more personally connected and involved in your brand.


Keep track of how your audience is responding to your posts. Use Google Analytics or Sprout Social to see what your most popular post was. Use Facebook insights to see what time is the best to post and which kind of posts got the most feedback (such as likes or clicks).


Have a solid following on Facebook, but your Twitter lacks followers and interactions? Post something on Facebook about how you have a Twitter account, too, and invite people to give it a follow! Cross-promoting your channels can be helpful, but don’t make it a frequent thing. Keep in mind the difference between promotion and spam.


At times, there is a fine line between promoting yourself and spamming your followers. Don’t send bland and overused messages or tweets. Personalize them and target the specific person you’re trying to connect with.

Having a clear vision of what your personal brand is and what you want it to accomplish (more business, followers, etc.) will help in promoting yourself digitally.

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