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by | Dec 13, 2017 | Digital Marketing, Education

Today, I will give you a few internet places that have won over my heart and mind. They provide useful information and they satisfy my curiosity. I don’t have anything against Netflix, but sometimes it is great to do something other than binge watching Friends or Orange is the New Black. Especially if it means that you will get a chance to work your mind and be introduced to some new ideas. After all, what are we if we are not constantly learning? So, without further ado, here they are, my three favorite online places to “waste” my time right now:


“Shots of Awe” is a YouTube channel that has become one of my biggest obsessions. It is literally the only email I look forward to opening on Fridays! Jason Silva is a performance philosopher that has a theory pretty much for everything. The imagery on these videos is remarkable and all of them start with a quote or theory from someone else, so if you are left hungry for more, you can always go back and dig up some information. “Shots of Awe” is food for my soul.

When I am at work and I need a little mental break, I just watch one if these video to get inspired. However, there is a disclaimer, if you have strong beliefs about the world around you, just know that Jason Silva will push you to see things from a different perspective. If you are open to new ideas, then this sort of video blog is just what you need.

Go Waste Time!


I first landed at the “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows” after watching “Shots of Awe.” The dictionary is a series of videos, also on YouTube, that describe invented words to match feelings, experiences, or emotions that have yet to be defined. The author is John Koenig and he does a beautiful job at describing obscure sorrows that we are all well familiar with on more levels than expected.

How do you call the feeling you get when you stare into someone’s eye for a little bit too long? Or, how about finding a name for the emotion you get when you start thinking that everything has already been done? If you want to find out what Koenig calls them, you are just a click away! These words are also excellent ideas for tattoos if you ask me.

Go Waste Time!


This one you might have heard of before. Thought Catalog is a blog with a compilation of articles written by several regular authors and other guest bloggers and contributors. I love this blog because I know that it is a place where I go to read. Working in social media has made my attention span really short, so I tend to skim articles, and focusing my attention for a long period of time can be very hard. However, when I open Thought Catalog, I try to get rid of any other distractions and I focus on the reading.

I like that some of the articles are made to make you think. Of course there is a list about 20-somethings and the must-have dating advice columns. But they also feature fictional content, short stories and other interesting and out-of-the-ordinary articles. So if you are looking for a good, quick read, this is the blog for you! There’s something for everyone.

Go Waste Time!

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