Social Photos: The Do’s and Don’ts

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Photography, Social Media

As a marketing agency, social media management is one of the many elements we handle for our clients. Digital content (photography and videography) is a necessary component and can be a phenomenal marketing tool. Oftentimes, our partners are responsible for the content we distribute and they usually have a great deal of questions at the beginning of the partnership. Hey, we get it. You don’t know what you don’t know. We’re here to help.

We’ve compromised a list of Photography “Do’s and Don’ts” in hopes to assist your company’s social media photo game. Here we go!

The Do’s

  1. Always Be Branding

Consider every photo as a marketing opportunity. Think of it as a magazine ad. It takes a consumer 7 to 10 times to see your brand before it becomes memorable subconsciously. Always be branding. Be smart and playful with it, but make sure it’s there. Branding is necessary.

  1. Trust the Light

Natural sunlight can be your best friend. Don’t be afraid to spin in a 360-degree circle to hit the perfect amount of light. We’ve been asked “What’s the perfect amount?” Trust us. You’ll know.

  1. Creativity Wins

recent study showed the average human attention span is down from 12 seconds to 8. A goldfish? 9 seconds. What we’re saying is simple. Your photos must make an impact and be memorable because people are on the move and their attention span is declining by the second. LITERALLY. Remember, every photo is a marketing ad. Make it count.

  1. Take Multiple Shots

Even professional photographers don’t get it right the first time. We highly recommend taking a lot of pictures of the same setting. Just when you think you’ve got the great shot, take some more. You can never have too many. Snap away, friends.

  1. Maximize the Caption

One of the benefits of social media is the ability for companies to control your vision, voice and narrative from a marketing perspective. Captions or content under photos is in your hands. Make the best of it. A “call to action” isn’t always necessary, but it helps. Offer a prize giveaway. Invite guests into your restaurant. Deliver a fun fact about your business and add a hyper link or “link in bio” verbiage. Utilize your copy content to your advantage.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t Be Blurry

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve opened a Dropbox folder of photos only to tell our client we can’t use them because they’re too blurry. It’s not a fun conversation. We advise you to stay away from action shots. If people are running, jumping or moving quickly, steer clear of the photo op. Trust us, action shots don’t work on social.

  1. Collages? No Thanks

Complete transparency. We’ve been guilty of it too. There was a small window of time where it was okay to post collages on social media platforms. The fad has passed, friends. We are all about multiple picture posts where you swipe through, but PLEASE don’t make a collage of photos. We beg you. They’re overwhelming and confusing to the eye. Don’t do it.

  1. Don’t Photo Text (too often)

There are instances when it’s perfectly fine to place a small amount of copy on your photo. For instance, if you’re running a marketing campaign and placing a hashtag or logo in the corner of the picture is part of the program, it makes complete sense. Go for it. With that said, filling a photo with too much text can take away from the artistry. Branding is great. Too many words can be annoying. Walk the fine line and your pictures will be on point.

  1. Say No to Filters (Until you’re ready)

There’s so many photo filters it’s impossible to keep up. Yes, they can be an asset, but most times a couple touchup enhancements will do the trick perfectly. If an agency manages your social presence, don’t filter or enhance your photos at all. Send them “rough” (unedited) and allow the agency to bring your photos to life. It’s our job.

  1. Don’t Be Scared. Have Fun.

Lastly, we say it all the time. It’s social media. It’s not that serious. Don’t overthink the photos. Have fun with it. Show your companies personality, lifestyle, and image through your photos. Take a bunch. Use natural light. Don’t be blurry and stay away from collages. Take those steps and you’re on your way to enhancing your social media digital content.

Be social, friends.

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