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Content Marketing Agency Columbus Ohio

Use content to drive prospects to your website. Become a thought leader.

Use content marketing strategies to increase your visibility in the search engines and to validate your authority on your services and primary subject matters.

The days of writing strictly for search engines are long gone. Today more than ever, quality content is critical in driving ROI. Website visitors want to be able to search and find the information they need– and when they do, they want it to provide value to them. Recycling content from other marketing materials is not an effective approach for your online marketing plan and most likely won’t help you generate quality leads. But developing quality content rich in relevant keywords and key phrases can be time-consuming and requires experience. 

A Strategic Approach to Content Marketing

At Social Firm, we understand how search engines work and have an experienced staff of content managers and writers who serve as connectors between brand, audience and search engine. Our strategists work directly with our content development team to create a plan that sets you apart from competitors and see it through execution.  Through well-written website copy, compelling images, memorable infographics and blogs meant for people and not search engines, we can drive quality traffic to your website by providing the important information your customers are searching for.

Content development and copywriting is a process, and collaboration is important. Our content marketing team has written for various industries and works closely with clients on every project to understand and adopt their brand voice, outline their services and expertise and create copy that reaches quality customers. Whether you are looking for someone to develop your content from scratch or build off of existing notes, our copywriting team is prepared for the challenge.

It is our detailed and technical approach to content development that makes us a trusted digital marketing agency nationally and, in the Columbus, Ohio area. If you would like to have our Copywriting Team prepare content for you, we offer this as a per page service. Contact Social Firm today for more information on how to get started.

Social Firm offers a strategic approach to content marketing that can help you create and deliver personalized, targeted blog messaging that compliments email marketing and social media campaigns. The email marketing campaigns we produce are thoughtfully designed, interactive and carefully targeted. Social Firm is a boutique content marketing agency that can scale to fit any organization’s needs.

Through real-time reports that track and analyze email performance, our team can help you implement a content marketing strategy that works for your business, in your industry.  We’ve helped produce successful content marketing strategies for B2B, Healthcare, eCommerce, Medical, Legal, Real Estate, HVAC and more.

Content Marketing Agency Columbus Ohio

Featured Columbus, Ohio Content Marketing Capabilities

Long Term Benefits

Long Term Benefits

Content marketing provides long term benefits for your website and is the best way to improve your search engine rankings.

Multi-Use Advantages

Multi-Use Advantages

The strategies and content created can be utilized across multiple marketing initiatives including video, social media, email marketing and SEO.

Content is King

Content is King

Well crafted content will help you make a measurable impact on your high value digital marketing metrics including search engine rankings, website visitors & social network interactions.

4 Simple Steps to Success

At Social Firm, we like to keep it simple. The less confusion you have, the better. Same goes for your business and your customers. The more they understand, there’s a better chance they’ll choose you to do business with.

Let’s Meet


Proper introductions are always the first order of business. Our first meeting is to get to know each other, get to know your business and see if we’re a good fit. We’ll dig into your marketing challenge and work towards a proposed solution.

Determine a Strategy


This is our discovery stage where we dig a little deeper. We determine a plan of action, establish your target audience, create goals and budgets, and propose the appropriate tools and strategies necessary to attain your goals.

Go For Launch


After we’ve determined the best plan of action — away we go! This is the fun part where our creative digital strategy teams take the ball and bring your plan to life, whether it’s a website design, email marketing or graphic design project.

Measure Results


Data is your friend! Collecting and analyzing data is key to ensuring your marketing dollars are well spent. We’ll show you how your marketing efforts are converting customers, and measure KPI’s to help with future marketing efforts.


We hired Social Firm to get our social networking off the ground and get more traffic to our site via search engines, and the results have far exceeded our expectations. Social Firm’s creative approach to online marketing has resulted in the most important way possible — more business. Our calls have more than doubled since this time last year, and we are consistently in the top rankings on Google.

If you are looking for more online traffic or simply want to learn how to capitalize on social networking to grow your business, I strongly recommend making Social Firm your first call.

TORIN SCOTT | Senior Marketing Producer at NBC4

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