5 Reasons Why College Freshmen Make Great Interns

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Employment

When I applied for the social media internship position at The Social Firm, I was a freshman in college. Academically, I was a sophomore, but in reality, I was very, very much a freshman. No matter how many credit hours I had collected during my first year of college, there was no way around being that nervous, unsure, but hopeful college freshman. This was literally (figuratively) me:

Insecurities aside, I landed the position at Social Firm and started working as an intern in the beginning of May. Now — my time at The Social Firm is complete. And looking back on the past two and a half months, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown. My time at Social Firm was short, but not wasted. I savored every meeting (even the Monday morning ones), every blog I got the opportunity to publish, every tweet I got to write. And after all of that, I can confidently say that I made a real impact on this agency. When I landed this internship, I felt really lucky. Typically, agencies don’t take on such young and inexperienced interns, but Social Firm gave me a chance. I may be a little biased, but I think it paid off. And I think that all agencies should give the nervous, unsure, but hopeful freshmen a chance like Social Firm did for me. Here’s why your agency should hire a freshman as your next intern.

1. Their nerves give them a sense of urgency.

Your freshman intern may be a little (or a lot) nervous about being in an office environment and working among real professionals. They’re the youngest and the least experienced person in the building, and they’re acutely aware of it. But does your freshman intern let this get to her? No way! If anything, her nerves will motivate her to do the best she possibly can on each and every task. She’s not going to dilly dally or take her time, she’s going to get her shit done and do it damn well.

2. They feel lucky and grateful to be your intern.

Your freshman intern is ecstatic to have the opportunity to work for you. She knows that you’re taking a chance on her, and she’s so, so grateful. She’s never going to give you sass or blow you off. And most importantly, she’s going to be loyal to you.

3. No experience means they haven’t formed any bad habits.

Taking on a young intern without any previous internship experience may seem like a gamble, but there’s an upside to the decision. Since your freshman intern has never worked for another company, she probably hasn’t formed any bad habits. She’s fresh, and ready to learn from the best (your company). By taking on a freshman intern, you have the opportunity to instill good habits and skills that she will take and continue using for years to come.

4. They can bring in useful, fresh perspectives.

Sometimes, no experience is good experience. Your freshman intern is going to bring in all kinds of fresh, unbiased ideas. If you encourage your intern to speak up, no matter how weird she thinks her ideas are, you may uncover something creative and unique. Regardless of whether her ideas are feasible, she’s going to get the team talking, and eventually she’ll help you get to an amazing idea.

5. This is their first internship — they have nothing to compare it to.

This is her first internship experience, and she’s super excited. She’s going to take on every task with a positive attitude. And while she may need slightly more direction than a more experienced intern, the positivity that your freshman will emit will impact your whole office. Plus, your intern is going to be working with other companies in the future, but your company will be the one they remember the most. So if your internship application still includes a “past internship experience required” or “junior or senior only” requirement, think again.

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