Review Management Columbus Ohio

Review Management: Beyond Just Reviews

Monitoring reviews is key to managing your online reputation. By understanding what people are saying about you, you can ensure that positive reviews for your company are celebrated and any negative reviews are appropriately addressed.

Customer complaints shouldn’t fall on deaf ears.

Customers want to be heard. A thank you for positive reviews is appreciated. When clients submit negative reviews, they want you to acknowledge it and fix the problem.

That’s a major challenge if your small business doesn’t have the bandwidth or know-how to consistently monitor and manage your online reputation.

Review Management Columbus Ohio
Review Management Columbus Ohio

Take advantage of customer feedback and online reviews.

We understand the importance of managing your company’s online reputation. Our professional review management service provides you with a plan to effectively manage online reputation, and utilize customer feedback and online reviews to your advantage.

Build your online reputation while building a relationship with your customers.

To quote Benjamin Franklin: “It takes many good deeds to build a reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” Don’t fear losing your reputation. Our team has the expertise and experience to monitor and manage your company’s online reviews effectively and consistently.

Boost SEO & Web Traffic

Turn Users into Purchasers

Turning users into purchasers is all about conversions, which can be done by creating ads or special offers and making sure customers know about all the product or service features and benefits. Having a good company reputation and positive online reviews can help make these conversions successful.

Search Engine Optimized

Boost Your SEO

When people read good reviews about your business, they are much more likely to visit your website and buy something. So, having lots of good reviews about your business on different websites can help it show up higher in search engine results.

Connect Through Multiple Learning Formats

Acknowledgment Builds Trust and Credibility

It’s important to acknowledge and thank customers for their feedback and communication. It builds immediate trust and tells them “you care.” Moreover, reviews coming from your customer base provide vital market insights your company needs to remain relevant and competitive.

Review Management

People Trust What Others Say About a Business

Hearing from people already experienced with a company’s products or services gives them an idea of what to expect, and helps them decide if it’s worth trying. It’s like asking a friend for advice. And just as “friends don’t let friends drive drunk,” they also don’t let friends buy from businesses with bad reputations.

Expands Customer Reach

Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention

If a business has a good reputation, customers come back more often and remain more committed, leading to increased customer retention, loyalty and ultimately revenue. Even when there’s a customer service issue, if the company is using review management and responds appropriately, customers remain.

Fuel Social Engagement & PR Results

Get a Boost from Better Word of Mouth

Good word of mouth from reviews helps your business grow. When customers leave good reviews about your business, it helps others find out about your goods and services. This boost in popularity makes more people want to buy.

A Three-Step Process to Take Control of Your Company’s Online Reputation

We can help you get started managing your online customer reviews and building a better online reputation. Our team of experts looks at your online reviews to create a custom strategy for responding to customer feedback that helps you maintain and improve your relationship with customers and your reputation online.

Step One


At this point we meet with you to discuss your reviews – good and bad – and look at the sites and platforms where reviews are being posted such as Facebook, Google, or your own website’s comments section.

Step Two


Time to gameplan – you need strategies for responding to reviews & ensuring customers know you are active on various review platforms. Our dashboard will help you monitor new inbound reviews to have one central resource to monitor & respond.

Step Three


After devising a plan, you will approve it or make any necessary modifications. At this time, we will also strategize and develop any necessary content that is engaging and enjoyable to your customer base including response language. Monitoring customer feedback and review posts will then begin. Reports are generated for analyzing and responding to reviews as they happen.

Review Management Columbus Ohio

Your reputation precedes you.

Did you know that nearly all consumers (93%) read online reviews before making a purchase? And of those, a majority (58%) are willing to go the extra mile to support companies with good reviews.

A well-executed review management program ensures your business builds a positive reputation that spurs confidence, sparks sales, and inspires customer loyalty.

Review Management Success
Review Reputation Columbus Ohio

A crack in your reputation will eventually lead to collapse.

Each negative review is a crack in your company’s online reputation. A crack will eventually become a full collapse. If matters aren’t addressed, expect loss of customers, market share and revenue.

Airlite Plastics

Working with the Social Firm team on this project was seamless. We worked mostly with Brandon and he somehow knew what we wanted even before we ourselves knew. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the completed project. We will definitely be using their services again in the future.

Five Star Review
Michele Stokes
Airlite Plastics


"The Social Firm did a fantastic job helping our association clean up and refresh our social media accounts and presence. Their team was attentive to our needs and responsive to our feedback. With their assistance, our social media presence now looks more professional and our workflow in managing those accounts has improved."

Five Star Review

Shawn Grime
Ohio School Counselor Association


"I'm currently working on two projects with Social Firm and to date can not come up with a single complaint about their ability, service, communication or character. They've been wonderful to collaborate with and have certainly earned any future business I need in the field. As my grandma would have always said, had my grandma ever dealt with them; You've always got firm footing with the Social Firm."

Five Star Review

Phill Osaka

Advantage ELA

"Great team. We prefer our marketing team to be personal and get to know the people behind the computer helping our business grow. SEO PPC Marketing in Columbus? Nobody better!"

Five Star Review

Scott Weigand
Advantage Early Learning Academy

My Business Resources

"Working with Social Firm has been phenomenal. Matt, Jason, and everyone I've worked with on their team were exceptionally professional, creative, and fun. They were able to understand our business, our market, and our clients and in turn provided us with a website that I couldn't be more proud of. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend them for web design and marketing needs. They love small businesses and make you feel like friends. I cannot thank them enough!"

Five Star Review
Rachel Kutay
My Business Resource

Hammontree Growers

"Professional, enthusiastic and great work! We look forward to a long partnership with the Social Firm. Thank you Jason and team for all your efforts."

Five Star Review

Karen Greene-Rowe
Hammontree Growers

Revolution Group

"Our technology consulting firm has worked with Social Firm on two projects so far and we are excited to continue our relationship. First, they have been amazingly quick to respond. Beyond that, I am thrilled with how well they seem to understand our needs and ask the right questions to bring us to the end result we are seeking. We are looking forward to working with them on so much more."

Five Star Review

Cindy Snide
Revolution Group

Midwestern Veterinary Dentistry And Consulting

"I looked around and considered many, many companies to help with my projects. After talking with this team, the search was over. These folks are the real deal, and I would urge you to consider what they might be able to do for you and your social presence. The cost, by the way, is very reasonable for the services provided, but it's the intangibles that make Social Firm such a valuable presence in my world."

Five Star Review
Keith Stein
Midwestern Veterinary Dentistry and Consulting

Moses Mouser & Associates

"Since partnering with the Social Firm for website management and digital marketing, my medical practice has experienced a significant increase in new patient volume. They are a great team to work with!"

Five Star Review

Dr. Garret Mouser
Moses-Mouser and Associates

Patriot Air

"Matt and Social Firm have been a great marketing partner for our company! The website they built is fantastic! Matt and his team are very responsive to all of our needs! They have exceeded our expectations!"

Five Star Review

William Kanipe
Patriot Air Comfort Systems

Markum K9

"I’m so thrilled to have hired such an amazing team of media geniuses that know everything there is to know about advertising for your business. My dog training company is booming with non stop calls and emails after hiring the Social Firm. I couldn’t be happier with the work they have done for promoting my small business!!"

Five Star Review

Allison Marcum
Marcum K9 Obedience

Elder Law Connection

"We had and continue to have a wonderful experience with "Social Firm." The development and implementation process for our new website was low-stress and easy. They communicated constantly with us and really were able to transform the vision of what we wanted, into reality. Social Firm also started SEO for our new business, which has been going well. Social Firm really has shown me what is available through SEO. So much so that we are moving all branches of our business to Social Firm. Highly recommend!"

Five Star Review

Jackie Collins
Elder Law Connection

Sweet Manufacturing

"Working with Social Firm makes everything seamless and easy. After doing my research and putting several projects out to bid, Social Firm blew all the others out of the water! Overall, the team at Social Firm continues to deliver breath-taking work that surpasses my expectations. I'm looking forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come! I highly recommend Social Firm to anyone looking for a 3rd party partner to extend their marketing efforts."

Five Star Review

Austin Parkison
Sweet Manufacturing

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