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Social Media Advertising Columbus Ohio

Expand your reach and connect with new customers with Social Media Advertising.

Social media advertising in Columbus, Ohio allows you to generate qualified leads and loyal fans.

These days, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and YouTube can be huge factors in your business’ successful marketing efforts. So huge, in fact, about 90% of marketers claim that social media advertising increased exposure to their company tenfold. But that’s only one of the many benefits social media advertising in Columbus, Ohio has to offer. Not only will it boost your exposure, it’s very cost-effective, you can target very specific audiences by interest and geographic location, and the list goes on.

According to research, there are 96% of marketers currently taking advantage of the marketing opportunities social media advertising offers, however 85% aren’t certain which tools or platforms are the best to use. With our help, using a measured approach, we can eliminate your concerns and get you on the right track.

Social Media Advertising Columbus, Ohio

Featured Columbus, Ohio Social Media Advertising Capabilities

Enhanced Brand Awareness With Social Media Advertising

Enhance Brand Awareness


Quickly and effectively convey your brand with a beautifully designed ad that a user can glance at and know immediately what you’re offering.

Increased Social Likes With Social Media Advertising

Increase Social Likes


Social Media Advertising in Columbus, Ohio is the gift that keeps on giving. When your ad is seen by someone, they will visit your page, share it with friends, and their friends, and so on. 

Targeting Strategy With Social Media Advertising

Effective Targeting Strategies


Create specific parameters for your social media ads by controlling which platforms they appear on, generate a geographical boundary, and choose a target demographic or niche market.

Highly Measurable Data With Social Media Advertising

Highly Measurable Data 


In marketing, it’s crucial to know how your campaign is performing. By knowing key performance indicators (KPI’s), you can ensure you’re getting the most out of your efforts. 

Retargeting Ads With Social Media Advertising

Retargeting Ads


Place an ad in front of users that have once before visited your website or social page. The more they see your ad, the more likely they’ll come back buy your product or service.

Why use Facebook ads?

The use of Facebook ads is a great way to increase social following, enhance brand awareness, influence consideration, and drive sales. Facebook ads also allow for effective targeting and are highly measurable.

Where to create Facebook ads?

You can create and manage ads from your Facebook business manager (facebook.business.com). Although you may need the assistance of a graphic designer to compose artwork for your ads.

When do you pay for Facebook ads?

Facebook bills for ads and boosts in two ways. If you reach your billing threshold, you will be billed on that date. If you do not reach your billing threshold, you will be billed on your monthly bill date. You can change your billing threshold from $2.00 to $900.00

Who do I contact about Facebook ads?

Anyone that manages a page on Facebook can buy ads by visiting business.facebook.com. The best results often come from professional ad management services from digital marketing agencies that create, buy, and measure ad success on your behalf.

What are social media ads?

Social media ads are a type of display advertising that appears only on social media websites and apps. Social media advertising uses targeting collected through social media profiles.

4 Simple Steps to Success

At Social Firm, we like to keep it simple. The less confusion you have, the better. Same goes for your business and your customers. The more they understand, there’s a better chance they’ll choose you to do business with.

Get Started


Proper introductions are always the first order of business. Our first meeting is to get to know each other, get to know your business and see if we’re a good fit. We’ll dig into your marketing challenge and work towards a proposed solution.

Determine a Strategy


This is our discovery stage where we dig a little deeper. We determine a plan of action, establish your target audience, create goals and budgets, and propose the appropriate tools and strategies necessary to attain your goals.

Go For Launch


After we’ve determined the best plan of action — away we go! This is the fun part where our creative digital strategy teams take the ball and bring your plan to life, whether it’s a website design, social media advertising or a graphic design project.

Measure Results


Data is your friend! Collecting and analyzing data is key to ensuring your marketing dollars are well spent. We’ll show you how your marketing efforts are converting customers, and measure KPI’s to help with future marketing efforts.


We hired Social Firm to get our social networking off the ground and get more traffic to our site via search engines, and the results have far exceeded our expectations. Social Firm’s creative approach to online marketing has resulted in the most important way possible — more business. Our calls have more than doubled since this time last year, and we are consistently in the top rankings on Google.

If you are looking for more online traffic or simply want to learn how to capitalize on social networking to grow your business, I strongly recommend making Social Firm your first call.

TORIN SCOTT | Senior Marketing Producer at NBC4

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