3 Google Ads Pricing Tips to Get the Most Out of Every Penny

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy


An effective Google Ads campaign can help businesses to attract attention, create high-quality leads, boost conversion rates and supercharge sales. To maximize profit margins and increase ROI, it’s critical to get the most out of every penny.

3 top Google Ads pricing tips

Google Ads offers incredible opportunities to connect with customers, reach new audiences and create and convert leads. If you’re eager to improve your ROI and make your marketing budget stretch further, here are 3 top Google Ads pricing tips to help you get more for your money:

Take Advantage Of Analytics

1) Take Advantage Of Analytics

Analytics provides you with useful, accurate, up-to-date data to help you track performance and monitor progress once your ad campaign is up and running. When you take advantage of Google Analytics, you can eliminate guesswork, identify areas for improvement and ensure that you only pay for adverts that work.

Read reports and insights, track advert costs and use data to see how visitors and users are interacting with your adverts. You can use data to help you to make decisions and modify your strategy to optimize results. If the data shows you that most people are clicking straight onto a services page, rather than the homepage, for example, you can set your landing page to the services page to make your ads more relevant.

Align Your Budget With Your Goals

2) Align Your Budget With Your Goals

Most businesses have a budget for their PPC campaigns. Before you decide how much to bid or how to spend your money, establish clear goals. Outline key objectives, for example, getting more calls from local customers or creating leads among specific demographics. Once you know what your priorities are, you can divide funds accordingly, ensuring that the most money is spent on achieving the most important goals.

Focus On Specific Locations

3) Focus On Specific Locations

Studies show that around half of Google searches have a local focus. Over 80% of smartphone users will either visit or contact a business within 24 hours of performing a local search (source). Targeting specific places and focusing on locations can help you to boost sales in different areas and reduce spending on ads that are not likely to appeal to the right buyers. By concentrating on locations, you can reduce the risk of spending money on adverts that reach people in different states or cities, for example, while ensuring that your ads are visible to buyers looking in the relevant area.


Google Ads offers incredible benefits for companies looking to take advantage of the popularity and reach of Google’s platforms, but some campaigns are more effective than others. If you’re looking to boost sales and improve your ROI, it’s wise to look for ways to get the most out of every penny. Take advantage of Google Analytics, set out clear goals and objectives that align with your budget and focus on specific locations.

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